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Affordable Landscaping Ideas for Duluth GA Residents

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Landscape edging defines different sections of your yard like lawn, garden spots and flower beds. This can be purely for aesthetic, decorative or utilitarian purposes. Most landscape edging materials such as pre-formed blocks or decorative stone can be quite expensive, especially if you have a large area that requires a border. Here are some affordable landscaping ideas to consider.

Plastic landscape edging products are available quite cheaply at home or garden supply stores and the internet. This material is a fine choice if you prefer something flush with the ground that is mainly utilitarian and inconspicuous to divide your landscape sections.

landscaping ideas duluth ga

Reused Brick

This material is not only sturdy and durable but also quite attractive. The great thing about used brick is that it can be gotten for free or very cheaply. Look for brick buildings in your neighborhood that are going to be torn down and inquire about purchasing some of the bricks. The work crew may even give it to you for free. There are also some salvage outlets that sell building materials at a huge discount.

Reused Concrete

Used concrete from houses or buildings can be repurposed for landscape edging material. Check out your local landfill for free concrete chunks or volunteer to have some hauled away. Look for a neighbor that is redoing a driveway or sidewalk. Chunks of old concrete can be simply stacked into a low wall in order to enclose a garden or a flower bed.


If purchased, rock can be considered a very expensive edging material. However, collecting rocks yourself is free but can be labor intensive. Enlist the help of your friends and family to assist you in gathering stones or a manageable size and then sink them partially along your border or simply stack them above ground in order to establish a sturdy and long-lasting edge.


This is one of the cheapest materials that does a perfect job of keeping weeds under control and prevents grass from encroaching into flower beds. All you need to do is dig a trench that is about six inches deep, fill it with mulch and cover your bed as desired. For free mulch you can use pine needles or grass clippings from your lawn or collect some from neighbors.

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affordable landscaping ideas duluth ga

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