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Affordable Lawn Service Lilburn GA

lawn service lilburn ga

Lawn Service Lilburn Adds Value

When looking for a great way to add value to your home and property, consider choosing the professional Lawn Service Lilburn GA provides. Many people don’t know that a ton of value can be added to homes and property by simply choosing an affordable lawn service to maintain their lawn. If you have a lawn task that needs to be addressed, we are going to be the solution to your problem. 

Perhaps you are considering purchasing a new home, selecting to use a professional lawn care service can help you sale your home for a lot more than what you ever thought was possible. Buyers look for a home that is neat and appealing and a home that has been treated with professional lawn care service is going to be much more appealing to those shopping for a new home. Increasing the profits on a home sale is what every seller wants to accomplish. 

duluth ga lawn service

Tacky Lawns Turn Off Buyers

If a lawn is overgrown it can turn a buyer off. If there are low hanging limbs or limbs that hang over a home then a home buyer may find that to be a negative aspect. Even things such as flower beds that have not been tended or sidewalks and driveways that have not been edged can make a home buyer see your home in a negative way. 

Many people are looking for homes that are move in ready and that includes the lawn. They don’t want to purchase a new home and have to spend the next three months in the yard making it look more appealing to those that pass by and their neighbors.

Selecting the quality Lawn Service Lilburn GA provides will allow you to add value to your home at an affordable price. There’s no lawn tasks that we aren’t going to be able to handle with the help of our professional lawn care service team. We have years of experience making Lilburn look more beautiful and more appealing. 

Increase The Cash

Choosing to use the awesome Lawn Service Lilburn GA offers will help you increase the cash you sale your home for. Your lawn can be mowed, your drive and walk ways edged, limbs trimmed and even your flower beds look like something out of a magazine.

For as long as you have your house on the market you will be able to count on us to always have it ready to be shown to all possible buyers. Having a quality team in your corner that can help you increase your profits for your home sale can really make a huge difference in what the home is able to sale for. 

Lawn Service Value

People selling homes all over Lilburn GA have been depending on the lawn care available for many years in order to get the most out of their sale. Everyone wants to be able to get the most money for the sale of their home as possible to help them purchase their next home. It’s great for buyers to first see a well manicured lawn when they are shopping for a new home. 

Before placing your home on the market make a wise decision to take advantage of the best Lawn Service Lilburn GA offers in order to get the most money for your home sale. Call today at (678) 879-5656  to schedule a free estimate to add the beauty and appeal that you are needing in order to get the most for your home in the sale. 

lawn service lilburn ga

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Lawn Care Services and Landscaping Duluth GA

duluth ga lawn care and landscaping

When you don’t have a lot of experience in landscaping it’s hard to make the right choices regarding the best lawn care products to use as well as the right times to plant, water, fertilize and weed. Gardening store shelves are loaded with different types of fertilizer and there are several different types of grass seed from which to choose.

Even if you’re simply laying sod, these details must be carefully considered. First rate lawn maintenance requires that you know how to make the right choices. Otherwise, you can end up wasting a lot of money on the wrong lawn care and landscaping products. You may also find yourself putting in some hard labor to correct your mistakes.

For these reasons, it’s good to consider hiring a professional lawn care and landscaping company. Staffed by experienced professionals, they can quickly assess your situation and determine your lawn care needs. Larger landscaping companies are also competitively priced and can actually cost you less than you’d spend yourself on products like grass seed, sod and fertilizer. Whether you’re interested in standard or organic lawn care services, there are landscapers and lawn care services out there that can fill your needs.

lawn care and landscaping ideas duluth ga

What Lawn Care Services are available?

Some basic lawn care services include:

Lawn Health Assessment: A good landscaping and lawn care company begins by assessing your lawns to determine its specific needs.

Lawn Mowers: Summer is a lot more fun when you don’t have to sweat it out in the hot sun while you mow the lawn. Plus, professional lawn mowers generally do a better job making your grass look perfect.

Sprinkler Systems: Many landscapers will install sprinkler systems so your lawn and landscaping is properly irrigated. This is another great time-saver in the hot months of summer.

Lawn Aerators: Before seeding your lawn, it’s essential to aerate it so the water is evenly distributed throughout. This helps prevent water being wasted and encourages uniform growth.

Lawn Fertilizer and Weeding: When a commercial lawn care service takes over, you can count on having the right chemical mix in your lawn fertilizer and you don’t have to get down on your knees to keep up with the weeds.

Shrub and Tree Service: Making sure your shrubs and trees are healthy is another important aspect of lawn and landscaping care and maintenance.

If you prefer organic lawn care services that don’t utilize chemical lawn fertilizer, it’s important to ask each lawn care service company you consider about their lawn fertilizer and tree service practices. You’ll quickly narrow down your landscapers that way.

Lawn Care Tips For Lush, Green Grass

You want luscious green grass that looks so good you can’t wait to take off your shoes and run around barefoot. It’s not beyond your grasp if you follow some basic lawn care tips for watering and lawn mowing, and even better with professional landscapers on hand.

In order to have beautiful green grass, it’s essential to consider grass and soil type as well as your climate and the trends for rainfall in your area. A good standard for lawn care is to give your lawn ½ to ¾ inches of water twice a week. If you notice there are footprints in the grass that hang around for a while after you walk on it, go ahead and water again. Even if you have a lawn service that waters, it’s a good idea to keep tabs on your lawn’s moisture level.

Lawn Mowing Tips

Never mow your lawn when the grass is wet. Don’t cut too much; a good rule of thumb is to keep your lawn between 2.5 and 3 inches high. Sharp mower blades are a must. As long as they aren’t too thick or wet, leave grass clippings on the lawn. The nutrients they provide can lessen the need to use fertilizer and weed killer. During the hot months it’s best to keep the grass longer and a little shorter when it’s cooler.

If you need help with your landscaping or gardening this summer, contact us at Affordable Landscaping Duluth GA. We can help provide landscaping, lawn care, lawn mowing, lawn maintenance and more..

Please Call Us Today at (678) 879-5656 to schedule your FREE (no obligation) Estimate. We are here to make your life easier.

lawn care and landscaping duluth ga

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Affordable Landscaping Ideas for Duluth GA Residents

landscaping duluth ga

Landscape edging defines different sections of your yard like lawn, garden spots and flower beds. This can be purely for aesthetic, decorative or utilitarian purposes. Most landscape edging materials such as pre-formed blocks or decorative stone can be quite expensive, especially if you have a large area that requires a border. Here are some affordable landscaping ideas to consider.

Plastic landscape edging products are available quite cheaply at home or garden supply stores and the internet. This material is a fine choice if you prefer something flush with the ground that is mainly utilitarian and inconspicuous to divide your landscape sections.

landscaping ideas duluth ga

Reused Brick

This material is not only sturdy and durable but also quite attractive. The great thing about used brick is that it can be gotten for free or very cheaply. Look for brick buildings in your neighborhood that are going to be torn down and inquire about purchasing some of the bricks. The work crew may even give it to you for free. There are also some salvage outlets that sell building materials at a huge discount.

Reused Concrete

Used concrete from houses or buildings can be repurposed for landscape edging material. Check out your local landfill for free concrete chunks or volunteer to have some hauled away. Look for a neighbor that is redoing a driveway or sidewalk. Chunks of old concrete can be simply stacked into a low wall in order to enclose a garden or a flower bed.


If purchased, rock can be considered a very expensive edging material. However, collecting rocks yourself is free but can be labor intensive. Enlist the help of your friends and family to assist you in gathering stones or a manageable size and then sink them partially along your border or simply stack them above ground in order to establish a sturdy and long-lasting edge.


This is one of the cheapest materials that does a perfect job of keeping weeds under control and prevents grass from encroaching into flower beds. All you need to do is dig a trench that is about six inches deep, fill it with mulch and cover your bed as desired. For free mulch you can use pine needles or grass clippings from your lawn or collect some from neighbors.

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affordable landscaping ideas duluth ga

Lawn Care Services Snellville GA

Affordable lawn care services snellville ga

Lawn Care Services Snellville GA Offers Is Top Quality

It’s important that your lawn is well manicured in order to enjoy your, home to the fullest selecting  the Lawn Care Services Snellville GA has available will allow you to always have a home that looks its best. A home that has a well maintained lawn is more welcoming as well as more comfortable not only for your family but also for those that visit your home. No one wants to have guest over when their lawn is overgrown and weeds are popping up everywhere. Weeds that are as tall as the windows on your home can make people want to stay away. It’s important to create a welcoming home that offers both physical comfort as well as eye comfort. Having a lawn that’s easy on the eye lets people know they are welcomed there.

No Need For Weeds

There are many types of weeds that can invade your lawn and they can pop up at anytime and at any place in your lawn. They can pop up in the middle of the lawn, up against the house or even through the cracks in the sidewalks. They are also bad about popping up in your flower beds which can turn them from oh so pretty to oh so tacky. Many weeds can grow very tall if they are not removed and controlled really creating an eye sore for your lawn and your home.

lawn care services snellville ga

Lawn Care Services Weed Experts

Choosing our professional Lawn Care Services Snellville GA has available will gift you with a crew of professionals that know more about weeds and getting rid of them than anyone. We know the exact safe way to treat your lawn in order to keep those pesky weeds from coming back. We also know exactly what your lawn needs in order to thrive and look its best. Having all the lawn care answers your lawn needs will allow us to provide you and your lawn with the best lawn care possible to ward off all of the negative lawn issues.

Killing Them Safely

There is no weed that can pop up on your lawn that the professional Lawn Care Services Snellville GA offers can not get rid of. We will be able to quickly, easily and safely help control the weed growth in your lawn. You’ll be pleased to know that we are going to take every precaution to make certain that the weeds on your lawn are removed safely. You won’t have to worry about dangers to your children or to your pets with our care. We have years of experience in keeping weeds and other unwanted plants under control. Everything from ragweed to poison ivy can be controlled in a safe and professional manner. You’re going to love the way that our pros are able to make all of the unwanted weeds on your lawn disappear leaving you with a gorgeous and healthy looking lawn.

Treat your lawn to the best Lawn Care Service Snellville GA has to offer in order to keep it well maintained and weed free. Call (678) 879-5656 to schedule an appointment for us to come to your home at no charge and provide you with an estimate on how to make your lawn look better than it ever has. We  work hard to keep Snellville looking beautiful.

Lawn Care Services Snellville GA

Professional Lawn Service Norcross GA Provides Creates Pride

lawn service norcross georgia

The residents of Norcross GA have taken a lot of pride in their town and their community, by choosing the professional Lawn Service Norcross GA has available, you are able to have lawns that look neat and lovely. Having a neat lawn shows the pride that they have in their surrounding areas. It’s a great way of making their homes feel welcoming to their friends and family.

Lawn Eye Sores

There are many things that can cause your lawn to be an eyesore but you don’t have to worry about those things when you use the professional lawn service Norcross GA is able to provide. Things such as an overgrown lawn can be a real eyesore, many people have a larger lawn than they are able to take care of. Not only is the work overwhelming but the equipment needed to perform the work can be very expensive. Also if you have no experience in lawn care, it can be a dangerous task especially if you are attempting to use equipment you have never used before.

lawn service norcross ga

Lawn Service Is Weed Control

An overgrowth of weeds such as dandelions, poison oak or poison ivy can not only be an eye sore but they can also be a hazard and knowing how to properly get rid of them safely can be very important. Wild plants that come up on your lawn that contain thorns or that can be poisonous are also plants that you will want to get rid of. If you have no knowledge of how to get rid of certain plants choosing a professional is the best and the safest way to go to make your lawn prideful.

Lawn Rescue

Having a nice lawn that is easy on the eye and that creates a lovely curb appeal says alot about a person. It lets people know that you value your home and your property and that you are proud of it and it want it to look its best. Choosing the most awesome lawn service Norcross GA has to offer will mean that everything your lawn needs can be taken care of in one fail swoop. Unwanted weeds, overgrowth and so much more can be addressed professionally so that your lawn always looks its best.

Lawn Service Equipment Included

You don’t have to purchase any equipment or you don’t have to be a weed expert in order to get rid of those pesky weeds that you don’t want. There are no lawn care issues that you could possibly have that our pros will not be able to take care of for you. You’ll also find that our service is affordable and the customer service we provide is unbeatable. You’ll never have to worry about your lawn again. Your lawn will boast with pride when you have a professional lawn care service team on your side. You will love your lawn and your neighbors will as well. Having a great looking lawn is more welcoming to guests who visit your home. There’s no problem we will not be able to help you with when it comes to your lawn.

Let your  pride shine through when it comes to your lawn by having a professional team. Call (678) 879-5656 to schedule your free estimate. Everything you need is going to be well taken care of.

lawn service norcross ga


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Duluth Lawn Service

lawn service Duluth ga

Our Duluth Lawn Service is the most professional lawn care service that this area has to offer. We offer years of excellent service experience as well as the best customer service possible. We take pride in providing our customers with the most exemplary service imaginable.

Our team of professionally trained service techs are going to help transform your lawn into the lawn of your dreams. Each tech is trained to use the equipment that we offer in a safe and professional manner. They are going to provide you with the Duluth lawn service that you have always expected from a pro.

Duluth Lawn Service – request a Free Estimate

Affordability is an important factor in choosing a Duluth lawn service and we ensure that our estimates and quotes are always going to be competitive and fair. We want to make it easy for our customers to choose our service and with the most service at the lowest price we create a level of lawn care service like no other.

duluth lawn service

We’ve spent years making the lawns in the Duluth area look as attractive as possible. We have been able to maintain long term customers with our professionalism and affordability. We look forward to servicing any size lawn and treat all lawns with the same level of professionalism. Whether you have a large plot of land and many acres or a small plot we can provide you with a great quote and an even better service. We’ll help make your home look pleasing to the eye when you have a professionally manicured lawn.

Customer Satisfaction is Our #1 Goal

Our goal is to provide a lawn service that our customers need. Each customer is different and so we understand that their lawn care needs will be different as well. Special request and detail work are well within our range of service and we look forward to meeting all of your needs. You will never have a lawn care need that we won’t be able to meet.

Only the highest quality equipment will work for our Duluth lawn service team. We use top notch hard working equipment that is able to stand the test of time and perform repeatedly. The fact that we provide all of the equipment allows our customers to never have to worry about having their own equipment or having to have equipment repaired, it’s all on us. The more quality the lawn care equipment the better job we are able to provide.

We Are Professional From Start To Finish

Our professional Duluth lawn service speaks for itself, we are able to provide a great list of references and we are also insured creating even more benefits for those choosing to use our services. We are professional from start to finish making using our service a pleasure for all of our customers. We’ve been able to maintain a great reputation for years in the Duluth area.

Choosing the service frequency you need is going to be one of the most important benefits that we offer. You can choose to have your lawn serviced as often as you like. You may choose twice a week, once a week, every other week or one time per month. We will always look forward to servicing you each time.

Let us help you make your home more attractive with our Duluth lawn service. A freshly cut lawn and a well-kept lawn can easily increase the value of your property and can simply add the curb appeal that you desire for your land. When you drive up in your driveway and see your professionally mowed lawn you’re going to be as pleased as we are that you chose our service.

Knowledgeable Team With Friendly Attitude

We strive to keep our service simple, easy and beneficial for our customers so that each one gets the service that they need in order to have an awesome looking lawn. Our Duluth lawn service offers great customer service as well as immaculate lawn service. You’ll find each employee a pleasure to deal with.

Call us today at (678) 879-5656 and let us give you a free estimate for the best Duluth lawn service available. We easily service the Duluth and surrounding areas. We stand behind our work and ensure that you will love the benefits of our services.

lawn service Duluth

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Affordable Leaf Removal Duluth GA

leaf removal duluth

There’s no doubt that one of the best things about fall is the changing of the leaves colors. It’s so beautiful to see all of the oranges, reds and yellows that the fall leaves take on but when those leaves finally die, they are going to fall to the ground and cover your existing lawn.

Many people don’t realize how important it is to take advantage of leaf removal. Leaving leaves on the ground after they have fallen is not good for the growth of your lawn. Our professional leaf removal Duluth GA can take advantage of will easily take care of your leaf removal needs.

Fallen leaves that are left to sit on your lawn are going to prevent photosynthesis and smother your lawn. Removing them will allow new shoots of grass to thrive and grow more lush. Leaf removal will allow you to have not only a healthier lawn but also a more lovely lawn. Our leaf removal Duluth GA can choose will help year after year to ensure that your lawn is always at its best.

Protect Your Lawn

Your lawn needs sunlight and air in order to be healthy and pretty. If fallen leaves are not removed from the lawn, brown spots and dead patches will be the end result. Leaves left to lie on the ground can also cause molding which is also not healthy for your lawn. It’s important that the leaves that fall on your lawn are removed as quickly as possible in order to help prevent damage. The professional leaf removal Duluth GA has available will help keep your lawn at its healthiest.

leaf removal duluth ga

There are several methods of properly removing leaves from the lawn and we are up to date on all of them. Our leaf removal technicians are going to provide top of the line service that will impress every property owner. The best leaf removal Duluth GA can get is easy to obtain and so affordable. We work hard to help our customers have the best lawn at the best price.

No More Back Breaking Raking

Running and jumping in a huge pile of leaves can be a lot of fun for the kids but raking leaves can be a back breaking job but a job that must be taken care of. Choosing the knowledgeable leaf removal Duluth GA offers will allow you to free yourself from this task. One tree can grow thousands of leaves and each one is going to fall to the ground covering your lawn. If you have several trees, that’s going to mean several thousand leaves that need to be removed from your property. Selecting a professional leaf removal service is going to be a smart choice.

Prevent fungus and save your lawn so that it looks beautiful and thrives year after year by having all fallen leaves removed. Winter months are wet and soggy and when winter comes and leaves have not been removed from the lawn they hold in moisture that will freeze and thaw with the weather causing damage to your lawn. Our leaf removal Duluth has access to will help make winter easier on your lawn and when spring comes your lawn will be healthy and ready to grow.

We Are Here To Help

When choosing a leaf removal service make sure you choose a service that is knowledgeable of helping you to keep your lawn healthy. Select a service that has you and your lawn’s best interest at heart. Pick a service that will take care of your lawn’s needs all year round. Our leaf removal Duluth GA has the benefit of using is all of the above. We are professional, we work year-round and we know what is best for your lawn. We also want your lawn to look the very best it can and for you to not have to deal with your lawn at all. Simply enjoy your lawn and we can take care of the rest.

Call us at (678) 879-5656 for all of your leaf removal needs. We look forward to providing you with a free estimate and to meeting all of your lawn care needs in and around the Duluth area.

leaf removal Duluth ga

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Affordable Sod Installation Duluth GA

Many people don’t realize that they don’t have to live with the bare spots on their lawn however they may spend a small fortune trying to get grass to grow. No matter how much money and effort they put into their lawn they just can’t get their grass to take hold and grow a healthy lush green lawn. The sod installation Duluth GA has available will allow anyone to have the lush green lawn that they desire.

Choosing to have sod installed on your property can really increase the value of your home. You’ll be amazed at not only how much your value increases but also at how quickly sod can be installed and take root providing you with a beautiful green lawn.

Transform The Look Of  Your Property

When you find yourself in need of the superior sod installation Duluth GA has available for your property you’ll jump at the chance to have us create the lawn you have always imagined. A lawn with fresh sod installation is a benefit for everyone in the family. It looks great, it’s easy to maintain and the kids will enjoy playing in the lush green grass that has been planted.

sod installation duluth ga

Sod installation is more affordable than you might think. Whether you have a large lawn or a smaller lawn we are going to work hard to help you stay within your lawn maintenance budget. The benefits are certainly going to outweigh the cost. The professional sod installation Duluth offers will allow you to have grass in places you’ve only dreamed of.

You Will Love The Difference

Let our team of professional sod installers help you achieve the lawn that you want. Each employee has been trained in order to ensure that your sod is laid properly and that your lawn exceeds your expectations. We know all of the secrets to acquiring a great lawn with sod installation. Our professional sod installation Duluth GA can take advantage of will be the best thing that has ever happened to your property. In no time you’ll have an emerald green lawn that is healthy and thriving. You property will be the talk of the town when you have sod installed.

Perhaps you’ve recently purchased your property and feel as though it is lacking in curb appeal, consider our sod installation services to help get your property where you’d like for it to be. We can have grass growing under those shade trees quickly with no more unsightly bare spots that can be such an eyesore. There’s no such thing as bald spots in your lawn when you take advantage of our sod installation. We’ve built the best reputation for ourselves with the sod installation Duluth has at their fingertips.

Professional Help Is Just a Call Away

Lawns with bald spots can be very painful to everyone in the family. When it rains you simply have a muddy mess that can be tracked indoors so the mess is everywhere. No one wants to have to deal with a big mess each time it rains.

We are equipped to take care of all of your sod needs from walking your property with you and helping you choose what your needs are all the way to removing the old sod and laying the new. We think you’ll be impressed with how sod smart we really are. Caring for your new sod is also easy and we are going to make sure that you are able to keep your new sod looking awesome.

Sod installation Duluth GA has available has never been better nor has it ever been easier. Many people think that having a beautiful green lawn takes years of maintenance but that’s not the case when you choose us to install your new sod.

Call us today at (678) 879-5656 for all of your sod installation needs so that we can provide you with a beautiful lawn at a price you can easily afford. You’ll be so pleased with the new look of your lawn and pleased with our landscaping services.

sod installation Duluth

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Affordable Retaining Wall Duluth GA

duluth ga retaining wall

A change in the grade of your property can call for the need of a retaining wall. You will find that when you choose to have retaining walls added to your property that you are actually helping to save your property from washing away. We offer the best services for any retaining wall Duluth GA desires.

Retaining walls can be a great asset to any property by using them to add depth and detail to your property. You’ll love the way that they are able to be a beautiful focal point of your property and highlight certain areas giving them great curb appeal. You can choose from natural stones or you can choose from manufactured concrete products in order to help create the look that you desire for your property. Choosing the stone or other product that best compliments the look of your home is going to be a great choice.

Add More Value To Your Property

Providing the retaining wall Duluth needs can not only add a great look to your property but they can also be dressed up beautifully with some great plants that will help add an awesome look to your lawn. A retaining wall can help give you the lawn that you’ve always dreamed of as well as adding nice curb appeal and value to your property.

retaining wall duluth georgia

A retaining wall can not only add beauty and detail to your property but it can also help prevent the erosion of your property due to heavy rains and water run-off. You may also find that with the aid of retaining walls you can use more of your property than you could without it. We offer many great ideas on the retaining wall Duluth needs and wants.

Choosing us for your retaining wall needs offers many benefits such as insured work, experienced and trained professionals that are going to be able to exceed your expectation of what you thought a retaining wall should be. We’ll always consider your budget when designing the best retaining wall Duluth GA needs. We stand behind our performance and we never want our customer to have to sacrifice the quality of their retaining wall due the cost.

We consider ourselves to be one of the best builders of retaining walls Duluth GA has to choose from. Residential projects are our specialty and we offer a large variety of designs that are great for any type of residence. You’ll be able to choose the design that best fits your needs. You’ll be pleased with our cost as well as with our completed project.

Variety Of Retaining Wall Options

Our large variety of retaining wall options are going to change the way that you look at retaining walls. You’ll never believe how beautiful we can make your retaining wall look and how much it can enhance the look of your property. We have tons of great ideas to ensure that the retaining wall Duluth gets are unique and serve their purpose for many years. We are also very interested in hearing the ideas that you may have as well. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to beautify your retaining wall simply by using great plants and by choosing the right material in which to make your retaining wall.

Stop damaging erosion on your property that is washing away your much-needed soil and dirt and let our retaining wall specialist take care of all of your needs.  The retaining wall Duluth needs are ready and waiting to help our customers save their lawns.

Imagine beautiful retaining walls around your pool, pond or even in that pesky place that you keep having to fill in with dirt once or twice a year. Never having to refill or back-fill dirt on your property again is going to be a money saver within itself.

Choose to have only the best install the retaining walls that you need so that you can rest assured that it’s done correctly the first time and you never have to be bothered by it again. Call us today at: (678) 879-5656 to schedule an appointment for a FREE ESTIMATE!

retaining wall construction Duluth ga

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More about Affordable Landscaping Services Duluth GA

Our Services

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Extrimely reliable and affordable!

Clarence B. Dingle

We cannot thank you enough for transforming our garden into a great outside area. We were so happy with every aspect from initial contact, helpful ideas, your flexibility whilst the project was underway through to the final finish which far exceeded our expectations and transformed our garden into a lovely, relaxing modern outside space. Great job, many thanks!

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